Transforming Social Security Solutions for an Evolved Insurance Industry

To ease the challenges faced by LTD claims personnel, Citizens Disability Integration provides efficient and proven risk management services to maximize offsets and recover overpayments. By working closely with the disabled claimant and providing consistent and timely messaging regarding plan compliance, Citizens Disability will allow the LTD claims administrator not only to maximize offsets in minimal time, but also to maximize recoveries as well.

With years of experience and hundreds of thousands of claims behind us, Citizens Disability is specialized in navigating the claim process, using each individual’s unique circumstances as a driving force and the basis of the strategy for a favorable conclusion.

Services provided by Citizens Disability are not limited to SSDI entitlement and LTD overpayment recovery. Citizens Disability provides an array of ancillary services that benefit the LTD claims administrator while enhancing risk management. Each of these services adds value to the overall LTD carrier social security program.

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    Citizens Disability Integration works for you and with you, the claims administrator, to ensure quicker SSDI awards and complete entitlement data upon award. Our Process Management approach to securing SSDI awards for our claimants enhances timely and accurate SSDI offsets and overpayment recovery programs.

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    Citizens Disability differentiates ourselves, once again, by using a Process Management approach to overpayment recovery. Frequent and intentional, pro-active interactions with the insured serves to maximize their participation in the process. A well-served claimant is typically a much more cooperative and compliant insured.

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    The Citizens Disability team can represent your insured when an appeal of benefit cessation or a Notice of Overpayment is received. You may not need to remove the SSDI offset or repay LTD benefits which were erroneous offset. This can not only save you money, but also can go a long way to keeping your insured happy with you and your brand.

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    Citizens Disability provides benefit verification services to address “lag earnings” adjustments. We also identify other “earnings-related” Social Security changes that will enhance your risk management strategies.

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    Citizens Disability will support your risk management program by evaluating open and active LTD claims that do not have a SSDI offset. Through our feasibility assessments we identify claims that may have been improperly denied.

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