Citizens Disability Integration works for and with you, the claims administrator, to ensure quicker SSDI awards and complete entitlement data upon award. Our Process Management approach to securing SSDI awards for our claimants enhances timely and accurate SSDI offsets and overpayment recovery programs.

Employing our proprietary, advanced, technology-enabled platform, Citizens Disability Integration provides a range of service offerings to the long-term disability (LTD) claims administrator. We have redefined Social Security vendor industry standards, resulting in unsurpassed service and unmatched savings.

Citizens Disability understands the challenges of proper and timely integration of the SSDI benefit. Let our experience and cutting-edge technology go to work for you.

  • Citizens Disability is the largest Social Security Advocacy group providing nationwide SSDI representation services.
  • Citizens Disability has successfully represented tens of thousands of disabled claimants to a SSDI Award

Secure Web Based Referral & Status Access

Citizens Disability is an innovator in the Social Security assistance industry. Cutting-edge technology is exemplified through application programming interface (API). API is the messenger that delivers your requests for service to Citizens Disability and then delivers the response back to you.

Based on User ID and password credentials, real-time interfaces (Referral and Status Checks) are readily available. Citizens Disability follows “best practices” in API security management. Utilizing combined cyber-security and access control we have created a well-planned strategy and a reliable infrastructure to safeguard your sensitive data.

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