Successful Social Security assistance programs and efficient integration require a timely SSDI award with accurate entitlement data. As the Social Security Administration continues to trend towards the issuance of less-than-favorable disability onset dates, Citizens Disability works to ensure that the SSDI entitlement date is the earliest possible, and that a favorable onset is established. Our objective is also to conduct a timely recovery of any overpayments resulting from integration of the SSDI award.

Our team excels at producing both favorable onset dates and timely overpayment recoveries.

Citizens Disability differentiates ourselves, once again, by using a Process Management approach to overpayment recovery. Frequent and intentional, pro-active interactions with the insured serves to maximize their participation in the process. A well-served claimant is typically a much more cooperative and compliant insured.

Process Management of the LTD overpayment service insures efficiency and effectiveness in program objectives. A well-informed Citizens Disability Specialist is dedicated to ensuring your overpayment recovery experience is handled smoothly and quickly. The same way Citizens Disability has set new standards in the SSDI field, we intend to set new standards within the LTD claims administration vendor community.

Citizens Disability Integration’s overpayment recovery process adheres to the requirements as set forth by:

Subsequent Overpayment Recovery Opportunities

In conjunction with the Citizens Disability Post-SSDI Award Benefit Verification Services the LTD claim administrator will benefit from additional offsets due to SSDI benefit changes related to earnings increases.

Overpayment recovery opportunities beyond the initial integration of the SSDI benefit can be anticipated and managed to completion. Additional offset situations and resulting overpayment recoveries can significantly enhance the LTD claim management program.

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